Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Forms Fabulously

fall is a great season because it's full of so many different things.
It's a real beauty and not to mention all the other things. Well
now I guess I have to tell you.

There is:

Beautiful colors and breezes,
Lots of love,
sisters having fun with being funny



and more LEAVES!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This was the first time my whole family went camping together. It was a great experience for our family!

Well first things first, we got there at night and so in the morning our
real adventures began, starting with washing dishes. There was a creek down a steep
hill. We rinsed, dried, and had some fun washing dishes like never before.

Look at what we found...a gun like rock,
a few seashells, and a bunch of "baby" pinecones or so my sister would say.

Then, we gathered sticks to build a fire, but realized it was to close to a tree
so we moved it to a different place that had already been used by shepherds before. We lit like 7
matches, and before it even got to the sticks, it blew out. So we moved again to a little place that had some kind of little hill to block the wind. Finally our fire started.

During our breakfast time we had eggs and some other things Mom brought along.

What a sight! Maybe camping isn't so bad after all!

Stay tuned for more fun adventures.

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